Welcome to Blue Air Virtual

The virtual counterpart of the Romanian Airline

Since its launch in 2012 Blue Air Virtual has provided innovative ideas that have set new standards in the Romanian virtual airspace.
As a result of our consistently high standards and professionalism we became official partners for VATSIM and its European division VATEUD.
We keep a close relationship with Blue Air and we are always aware of changes in routes and fleet of aircrafts in order to provide an experience as close to reality as it can be.

Blue Air Virtual provides members with a fully automated Virtual Airline Environment which is designed for all experience levels of Flight Simulator. We will offer:
· A fully automated crew system for logging flight reports and updating your personal details.
· Unique flight monitoring system developed for Blue Air Virtual for use by our members.
· Fleet of aircraft based on all airframes that are currently in service with Blue Air.
· Full training and assistance with getting you started.
· Online flying with the VATSIM network.
· Teamspeak 3 Server.

Member Login

with your pilot id or email, or register


Operational Policy

A. Registration minimums

- possession of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or X
- Prepar3D and X-Plane also accepted
- also check Required Tools

- prior to applying to Blue Air Virtual, one must register on VATSIM network, or VATSIM and IVAO
- we can offer assistance on registering

- must know basics in English, or the phraseology used in aviation
- we provide training lessons for newcomers

B. After registration

- pilot must contact the Management via Teamspeak3 (preferred) or by mail in the next 14 days
- after applying, pilots will receive an e-mail with teamspeak login instructions

- pilot will take a test flight with "Blue Transport" (JOR) with Boeing 737-400 to a destination they choose, from Blue Air timetable
- if the pilot wishes to fly other destinations and aircrafts, will be subject to 4 more examinations, obtaining 4 licenses

- pilot must be able to fly at least once every 90 days online (VATSIM)

- pilot must notify the management for a Leave of absence more than 42 days

C. Company Policy

1. Flying

All pilots who apply will take a written test, followed by a practical test

The tests are only a formality to have an idea about the pilot's knowledge and skills, no need to worry.

2. Online

ALL pilots must be voice able anytime, of course, occasional can be exceptional situations

As callsign pilots should use flight number, company ID may be allowed in some cases

3. Events

There are three categories of events which our company classifies:

- company events
- VATSIM events
- occasional events

Attending to either first or second is mandatory once a trimester (every 90 days).

D. Pilots may be suspended for the folowing reasons

- misbehavior online around fellow simmers 

- complaints presented officially to the Management 

- VATSIM account suspended 

should any of the acts mentioned above occur, pilot will be given a notice.

E. Pilots will be removed for the folowing reasons

1. VATSIM account blocked or deleted 

2. failure to contact the Management 14 days after application 

3. absence for more than 42 days (6 weeks) 

4. unable to comply with the minimum requirement: 1 VATSIM flight in 90 days 

5. for repeated acts listed in category D 

Blue Air Virtual Management Team will take necessary action for issues in E category without prior notice to the pilot

Further changes and/or additions to the present Operational Policy will be announced in the Forum

Thank you, 
The Management